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A Guide to Finding Obituary Records and Databases on the Internet

Obituaries have been a great help to many genealogy and family history researchers, providing valuable information and clues to an ancestor's or relative's death and burial.  Over the last few years, many people and organizations have been publishing obituary archives on the Internet. Some with thousands of records, others with millions.  Presented on this website are individual "State Guides" designed to show you where all the best obituary archives and databases are found.

Click on a State to see an obituary resource guide:

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While we cannot provide links to every possible obituary resource, we have provided you with the best, and most reliable resources.

Moreover, we provided links to mainly to those obituary archives and databases that provide older obituaries from the 1950's and earlier, which should be of more value to genealogists and family historians.

Good luck to you finding obituaries!

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